The Brooklyn Film and Arts Festival


The Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival is the very first original Brooklyn-focused film and arts festival. We present programs that illuminate the rich and diverse cultural history of Brooklyn through the moving image and spoken word.

Since the first screening of Brooklyn films and documentaries in 2007, the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival has presented Brooklyn-focused programs at the Brooklyn Historical Society, Long Island University, St. Francis College and the Brooklyn Public Library.

The main focus of the Brooklyn Film and Arts Festival programs is Brooklyn, its history, Brooklyn's communities, neighborhoods, cultures, peoples, social dynamics, arts, and other Brooklyn- related topics.

Since 2007 the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival has presented a series of cultural events that convey the quintessentially unique perspective of Brooklyn residents about their experiences in and of Brooklyn and their views about Brooklyn at large.

The Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival was founded with a view to present Brooklynís vibrant cultural legacy to the general public through film, documentaries, literature and art. The Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival presents programs and events that feature Brooklyn as their main focus.

Over the last fourteen years, the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival has been presenting free, Brooklyn-centric films, documentaries and literature programs to a broad range of audience members. These events have helped illuminate many aspects of Brooklynís social realities, its rich cultural history and the lives of individual Brooklynites.

The Brooklyn Film & Arts Festivalís annual Brooklyn-focused films and documentaries screening have been hosted by the Brooklyn Historical Society since 2007. The 2014 screening featured video-documentary pioneering legend Jon Alpert along with fellow documentary-makers Francesco Paciocco, Christine Noschese, and Corey Scott Rutledge discussing their films with the audience at the "Forever Brooklyn" event at the Brooklyn Historical Society on December 12th, 2014.

The 2012 screening featured the documentary "I Remember Barbra," about Barbra Streisand, which was very enthusiastically received by the audience and we were fortunate to have the film's director, Kevin Burns present to discuss his insightful documentary.

Events that the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival has presented have included following:

Conference on Brooklyn films titled "The Streets of Brooklyn on Film" in partnership with Long Island University's Media Arts Department, held on May 30th, 2009. Speakers at this event included Prof. Larry Banks, Prof Michael Hittman, Prof Joe Dorinson, Prof. Ed Guerrero and Special Guest Speaker Sol Yurick, author of "The Warriors."

Since 2011 the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival has presented several Brooklyn authors reading from their work at St. Francis College for the Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize programs. Speakers for these Brooklyn literature programs have included authors Tao Lin, Tim McLoughlin, Nelson George, Prof. Ian Maloney and Evan Hughes.

In 2011 the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival established the Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize which has been awarded to Naima Coster in 2011 and Christine Benvenuto in 2012, Cherry Lou Sy in 2013, Jeanine DeHoney in 2014, Clifford Genece in 2015, Yesenia Flores Diaz in 2016, Keith Haymes in 2017, Mark P. Cohen in 2018, Gregg Williard in 2019 and David St. John Mills won the 2020 competition.

Kathleen Griffin is the 2020 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Runner-up.






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