Brooklyn Documentary Prize


The Brooklyn Documentary Prize, a cash award of $250, will be awarded to the best short Brooklyn-focused documentary film.

The Brooklyn Documentary Prize competition is seeking short Brooklyn-related documentaries which are about any of the following Brooklyn subjects or combinations of these:

Brooklyn, Brooklyn-people, longtime-Brooklynites, Brooklyn-newcomers, Brooklyn-situations, Brooklyn-characters, Brooklyn streets, Brooklyn communities, Brooklyn history, Brooklyn streets, Brooklyn-places, Brooklyn-related subjects, Brooklyn-arts and artists, Brooklyn-legends, changing-Brooklyn, old Brooklyn, new Brooklyn, Brooklyn-perspectives and other Brooklyn-related subjects.


Key Requirement for Brooklyn Documentary Prize documentaries submissions:

All documentaries submitted for the Brooklyn Documentary Prize completion have to be filmed in Brooklyn and are required to show Brooklyn exteriors locations for a duration of at least 30 seconds in the submitted documentary.

Brooklyn Documentary Prize entries should have a running time of anywhere from 60 seconds to 15 minutes. We cannot accept any documentaries exceeding 15 minutes in length.


Filmmakers are requested to send the following:

Please send a link to your documentary on Youtube or Vimeo or similar platform for viewing submitted documentary online.

Please send your documentary entry on DVD as a MP4, AVI, or WMV file (Region 0 or 2). The DVD’s must be labeled with the Title, Director’s Name, and Running Time. Submitted DVD’s cannot be returned.

Please include your contact information: email address, phone number and mailing address with your documentary submission.

Please include a brief summary about the documentary’s subject.

 Please send one or more high resolution still images from the film via email.


Brooklyn Documentary Prize Submission Deadline: November 10th, 2015.

Entry Fee: Free

The winner of the Brooklyn Documentary Prize will receive a cash award of $250 and the winning documentary will be presented at the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival screening.

After an initial review of each work submitted and you will receive a response about your entry within six weeks of submission.

Please mail your DVD to: A.Rahman, PO 491, Murray Hill, New York, N.Y., 10156

Dates and venues for screenings of the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival's films and documentaries will be announced on our website blog.